Our Thrift Store

The Grand Traverse Area St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store plays an important role in providing assistance to those in need. Through many volunteers, we work to collect, evaluate and merchandise a variety of donated goods. This merchandise provides a low cost shopping alternative of quality goods to low income individuals and families. Those who cannot afford clothing, furniture and other household items can obtain vouchers through our Client Assistance program. The vouchers are redeemable at our Thrift Store.

Serving Christ through the needy is the first purpose of all St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Stores. Funds from operations are used to support the programs and services we offer the community. When you shop at our store, you help us to help others. Every purchase helps to sustain our work in alleviating human suffering and meeting the needs of the sick, the elderly and economically disadvantaged individuals and families. Your donations improve the quality of life for many in need throughout our community. The all-volunteer Grand Traverse Area St. Vincent de Paul uses 100% of the donations and profit from the store to provide assistance to those who come to us for help.
As a Special Works of our organization, the Thrift Store provides a number of important functions to our community. By collecting items such as clothing, furniture, household items, appliances, vehicles and other items, we become a re-use and recycling resource. Thrift Store shopping supports the environment by extending the useful life of these items. Hundreds of thousands of pounds of clothing, thousands of pieces of furniture and tons of household goods are given a second life and kept out of landfills. St. Vincent’s was Green before Green was Green…for almost 200 years!
Please consider donating any gently used items or come and browse through our store. Whether you are looking for a good book to read or a buried treasure, it might just be located at St. Vincent de Paul.

"I want to wrap up the whole world in a network of charity.”

- Frederic Ozanam